My name is Erika Moon and I am “A Moon Full of Heart.”

I am starting this blog because the years seem to be flying by and there have been so many changes – I just want some way to slow it down. Some way to keep each moment and allow the feeling to last forever. After deciding to choose myself for a change and consistently working my ass off, I’m finally in a place where I can truly say, “I’m happy.” I’m also starting this blog because, honestly, I need something to do that’s just for me.

The hope I have for my blog is to just be able to obtain a following from those who support/are interested in my thoughts and ideas. I watched a video that coined the term “multipotentialite” and it seemed to fully describe me.

“A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no ‘one true calling’ the way specialists do.”

My interests include: interior design, photography, music (singing specifically but piano also pulls my heart), nature, fashion, fitness, anything vintage or classic, health, animals, babies and kiddos… the list could go on. I truly could not pick just one of these paths for the rest of my life because I would feel there was so much more I could have explored. So throughout my blog, there will be a little bit of everything that I’m interested in and, as things progress, I hope to find something in myself that I don’t quite see yet. Besides that, I will be promoting positivity, self-love, honest emotions, and compassion for others and our universe. Not every day is perfect. Not every moment is positive BUT everyday is truly a blessing.

So getting to that “About Me” – I was born in ’94 and raised in the center of the United States of America. Literally… locate Nebraska on a map. I was born with a heart defect and had surgery called “Transposition of the Great Vessels” when I was less than a week old. In basic communication terms, that means my arteries never allowed the blood to cross paths. One artery circulated blood from my heart, to my lungs for oxygen, to my heart and then BACK to my lungs – without ever allowing the blood to flow through the other artery out to the body – and vise versa for the other artery. Truly, I didn’t understand the depth of it all until just a couple of years ago when I switched from the children’s cardiologist – whom I’d seen my whole life – to an adult cardiologist. Around the same time, I was told I had an artery narrowing and needed a change of diet and exercise to determine what further steps were to be done. This was found through an echocardiogram (pretty much an ultrasound on your heart) and a stress test (basically when you ride a stationary bike with wires stuck to your chest and a mask on your face that covers your nose and mouth while doctors tell you to pedal faster to keep your heart rate up) that I take on a regular, every other year basis. I don’t have a consistent workout schedule because sometimes life takes over and I just get too exhausted but I try not to let it keep me down for too long. As for changing up the diet, I didn’t eat any meat – besides seafood – for a year and a half. I have since added chicken and turkey back into my diet but I plan to stay away from red meats for risk of its’ fattiness gathering around my heart. Things are looking up so far but my heart health is and always will be my number one priority. So many people worked SO hard to keep me alive on this earth. I would honestly say that my heart defect has greatly shaped me into the person I am today because I know I am very lucky to be living this life.IMG_6711

As for my family, it’s all a bit complicated. I was born into a world without a father (he’s around – just not too fond of him as a person and vise versa… clearly) and although my grandparents were NOT supportive of my mother having a child out-of-wedlock, they put all angst aside when they became aware of my heart complications. Besides my mom, they are now my biggest supporters and I truly would move mountains for all of them if I could. I grew up with two younger sisters and a younger brother, that I couldn’t imagine my life without for even a moment.IMG_0330

I was basically a second mother to them throughout our lives because their father was in the military when we were young and our mother couldn’t always do everything on her own. She sure did one hell of a job though. He wasn’t a bad dad by any means, I just didn’t feel like it was the “father-daughter” relationship that everyone else seemed to have. There was a clear distance between us and to me, it felt like my flaws always overshadowed my accomplishments. My siblings were and still are close with him and I’m happy that they are able to have that kind of relationship. Aside from my life with this family, I also have two younger brothers that I didn’t grow up with but I’m so grateful to have gotten to know. We share a biological father but although he is pretty non-existent in my life, I continue to keep in touch with my brothers and grandma on that side. They have always shown love towards me and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

My heart stays so full because I’m with someone who truly makes me feel like I could take on the world from a throne. I met him through a part-time job but it wasn’t until our schedules collided that we started talking. Although we had definitely shared a few glances, once we started talking we never seemed to stop. Literally. We talked about our pasts, our families, our goals, our dreams for ourselves and the world. I felt like we could talk about anything and there would be no judgement. We were both so unsure about where things were headed but we couldn’t deny the fact that something was pulling us together. He jokes with me and at me without bringing down my character. He strives to do well in school so that he can achieve his goals as a writer (which I know he will because he writes so poetically). He is CONSTANTLY telling me to believe in myself because he knows I’m capable of anything I put my mind to. I truly believe that we bring out the best in each other and I just can’t express how grateful I am for him.


Honestly, as if you can’t tell by now, I’m a pretty open book and I love truly getting to know people. So if anyone has any questions about me/any of my blogs OR you just want someone to talk to/listen, I’m around with open ears and an open heart.